Our best feature is well-coordinated teamwork

We love what we do

Kootshop team is delighted to provide its customers with the best online shopping experience during their order process from making the order to the shipping and delivery process.

Our working process

Our customer service is ready to assist you in completing your purchasing process successfully, however if you are not satisfied with any product received, we are delight to assist you in returning or replacing the product.


About our online store

We grew together from a simple presence on social media since 2017 to rise and become a highly reliable online shopping service offering you great customer experience. All thanks to you! Our clients, our customers, our family! Now we are pleased to offer you a brand-new great shopping experience on our website. New products characterized by their high quality and affordable prices for all.

We always strive to provide the various needs of all family member, starting from kids toys and infants/newborn supplies to every single houseware supplies indoor and outdoor. In Kootshop, we are distinguished by providing a wide range of high quality local and imported products. In turn, we ensure you with fast and enjoyable shopping experience, outright privacy for your personal data, and safe and fast payment methods.

Kootshop customer services are here to assist you pre-, post and in every step of placing your order. Your orders are our commands. If a Kootshop customer is not satisfied with the product delivered, we are happy to assist in returning or replacing the product. For further assistance, visit our return and refund policy or contact our customer service.

At Kootshop, we love what we do!